Dane Valley RAYNET is one of the groups of RAYNET, The Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network, where RAYNET is the UK's National voluntary communications service provided for the community by licensed radio amateurs. RAYNET was formed in 1953 after the severe East coast flood disaster, and it  provides a way of organising the resources of Amateur Radio in order to provide communications services to the community. Today, it has grown into a very active organisation with around 3000 members nationwide, providing radio communications assistance for many hundreds of events each year and other emergency situations, under the auspices of both statutory and volunteer emergency service organisations. For more information on RAYNET, visit The Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network website.RAYNET has provided communications at disasters such as Zeebrugge and Lockerbie, as well as at many local emergencies when storms, flooding, telephone equipment failures, search and rescue missions and oil spills have all necessitated additional emergency    communications. Overseas work is also undertaken, with RAYNET providing disaster relief communications, usually for the Red Cross. Dane Valley RAYNET primarily serves the County of Cheshire East, Warrington UA, Halton UA and the area formerly known as Vale Royal BC in the County of Cheshire West and Chester.. Each year, we provide communications assistance for a number of events in support of St John’s Ambulance Association, British Red Cross and the EPO’s who request our assistance to provide safety communications support for other voluntary activities. On some occasions, we work in conjunction with other groups in adjacent Counties in order to cover particular events.  Dane Valley RAYNET comprises Radio Amateurs, licensed by OFCOM, who are able to provide flexible radio communications in emergency situations, when normal systems of communication have failed, or perhaps when a more localised system is required, to avoid overloading the normal networks. Our members are all volunteers, who give up their free time to train and provide these services, using local events to practise as well as providing safety coverage.The local authorities  have permanent stations for RAYNET use in their off site emergency centres (DOSECS). All registered members of the Radio Amateurs' Emergency Network are covered for third party claims and against personal accident under policies held by the Network.

As with all emergency situations, it is better to work with known faces, and meetings between the user services and RAYNET are therefore helpful. RAYNET members are often invited to attend table top exercises either as players or as observers, so that all will know what is expected of them should the need arise for additional communications at short notice. It is of great benefit to the group if  members would volunteer to attend just for the experience.